The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer

Publisert 12. jan.. 2017
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild available now on Nintendo Switch!
Available Now!
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Forget everything you know about The Legend of Zelda games. Step into a world of discovery, exploration and adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a boundary-breaking new game in the acclaimed series. Travel across fields, through forests and to mountain peaks as you discover what has become of the ruined kingdom of Hyrule in this stunning open-air adventure.
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  • Am I the only one who still play BOTW and still collecting things and scanning amiibos on this wholesome game ? 😇

  • Imagine if a Pokémon game had this much love put into it

  • I just got this game last week. I’m still lost on where to go first😭

  • Knew this game was a masterpiece from this trailer alone, and it was. Only gripe is their wasnt enough music of this quality throughout!

  • Best Videogame trailer of all time

  • watching this again after the Pokemon Legends trailer and, it's hard to explain but BOTW really has "natural" nature, but the scenery in Legends kind of looks fake? Like there's something missing from the scenery in that trailer, I don't feel like I'm a part of nature with Legends.

  • Guys be honest. Y’all come back for this

  • I'm starting to play this right now.

  • Don't mind me, I'm just making sure I didn't just hallucinate these graphics and that this is what the Nintendo Switch is capable of... Ok, back to crying about the Sinnoh remakes now, bye.

  • Whenever I see this I totally regret not getting into the Zelda fandom sooner. I got BotW for Christmas a few years ago and never really got into it until this year, and I don’t regret it at all. This trailer always gives me chills.

  • Only here for the feeling

  • magic

  • Revisiting this after the laggy Pokemon Legends Arceus trailer lol

    • cant believe people unironically compared this to Legends Arceus, bruh

  • Can't believe this game won game of the year in 2017

    • Pretty believable

  • Backing here after Pokemon Legends Arceus' Trailer, Pokemon could be better


  • Chills still going down my spine

  • Bro this is like a movie

  • one of the best video i have ever seen


  • I'm about to play this game for the first time. Can't wait to experience everything about this game.

  • I remember when they announced this, everyone including was excited for the switch

  • before 2:22, i was like "wheres the classic Zelda theme" after 2:22, fine by me 2:51 i went mayhem (manly version for, i had tears in my eyes.)

  • Played through this game TWICE and I damn near cry watching this trailer. What a masterpiece.

  • I'm back in february, 2021.

  • Too bad this is t running on a switch. If not it would be 20 FPS. Lol

  • Wait Stil for.....Botw 2😌

  • 500+ hours later, I still return to this trailer lol

  • It feels like only yesterday this game came out.

  • If the next BOTW 2 trailer is anywhere near as cool as this one, I'll lose my mind

  • The drop at 2:23 is such a badass part of the trailer

  • this is the best game trailer for the best game ever. (my opinion).

  • I thought I had lost interest in Nintendo, and I knew nothing about Zelda, but I saw this trailer back when it first dropped and it got me to buy a switch day 1.

  • the best trailer ever made? yes, yes it is.

  • 0:56 _does a windbomb_

  • Miss 2017 man

  • ._.) wow

  • I'm almost crying watching this


  • The best game ever

  • Meh skipped this one. No dungeons is a no for me

  • I just purchased the game , I hope it could bring me a wonderful experience

  • Got this game a year ago and have been playing it avidly ever since. I didn't get my Switch at launch. And yet somehow this trailer makes me excited for the game to come out. The music, the cinematography, the- *sniffs* Why is it almost making me cry?

  • Getting some major Breath of the Wild vibes from this.

  • It is the best what I had seen 😔

  • That was an S tier trailer

  • Am I the only person here who still dreams to get a Nintendo switch just to play this game?

  • Ahh yes, the game that killed me 20 times in a row by a FUVKING CENTAUR!!!

  • Worth buying?

  • Ohh, the things I'd do to relive the first time I played Breath of The Wild.

  • Every time I see this trailer I feel like Nintendo will always have some new great ideas for games even if they don't miss an opportunity to disappoint us sometimes

  • Four years on and this is still one of the greatest trailers for anything ever made.

  • My favorite game of all time. Played this game for 400 hours

  • Man what a first year Nintendo gave me, BOTW and Xenoblad 2. Arigatou Nintendo. 😁

  • Everyone! I've finally have been able to purchase this game. Can't wait to play it.

  • This trailer of BOTW relaxes me ever so. But I’m looking forward to the day when I’m able to play it for the first time.

  • Just a masterpiece of a game.

  • masterpiece

  • Cant forget the first hardest boss on normal was thunderblight ganon boyyyyy that thing smoked me especially in its second form and the lynel forget it and dont get me started on walking guardians truly a trophy game for Nintendo hands down

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    • Metal Gear fans be like wtf

  • Anybody else still get chills from this trailer 4 years later? Even after multiple playthroughs?

  • I never played a Zelda game before BoTW, and that's thanks to my nephew. After I finished the game (beat Ganon once), my nephew showed me this trailer - I wouldn't know anything about it otherwise. I got goosebumps and teary-eyed from watching it.

  • Haven't even beat this game yet. Its perfect.

  • OMG

  • i can remember when i was trying to beat the great plateau. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I still have feel something different in mine at 0:49

  • 4 years lateeuurrrr... still goosebumps.

  • 35 Years...

  • Who still watches this trailer in 2021 and still cries a little? :)

    • im almost tearing up when zelda cries (in the japanese dub its insanely well acted )

  • I do not know why I am still come back here ساد ورب العباد

  • The physics in this game are amazing. The world is just real, unlike many open world games where the world is just a backdrop for the story, in this game the world IS the game and the story it's amazing

  • 4 YEARS AGO *Genshin Impact developers watching this trailer* - "TAKE NOTE TAKE NOTE"

  • Happy 35th Anniversary Zelda!

  • this trailer still gets me hyped everytime i watch it!

  • Still the single best game trailer ever

  • STILL the best trailer of anything in the media

  • If you are wondering if these graphics are real they are and 10x better when you play on the switch. This is my first Zelda game and I have been OBSESSED. I’m newer to combat games but this game really allows you to take your time if you need it to learn what to do.

  • Here to celebrate Zelda's 35th anniversary

  • Happy 35th

  • This is the best trailer of any game ever! Always give me goosebumpsI

  • Happy 35th anniversary zelda 🐐💯

  • Easily the best trailer I’ve seen in my life. It is actually perfect.

  • Every open world game I’ve played after bots felt... obsolete.. even RDR2 didn’t hook me as much

  • I never played botw yet sadly, but im planning now in march to get a switch and botw at the same time. So from one zelda fan to all zelda fans out there, will i enjoy this?

  • Nintendo doesn't care about the legend of Zelda's 35th birthday

    • Maybe later today. I really hope

    • Very sad😭

  • I wish this game was as epic and story driven as this trailer made it out to be.

  • I still come back to this now and then, just to admire how good of a trailer this was

  • Here during the 35th anniversary, this franchise has grown so much, it's hard not to be proud being a Zelda fan.

  • Even though I've spent COUNTLESS of hours playing this game, the trailer still sends chills down my spine. What a masterpiece. So hyped for the sequel!

  • Happy 35th Birthday Thank you for all the memories!! From Hyrule, Termina, Labrynna, Holodrum, Koholint, Lorule, Twilight Realm, Minish Forest to the Open Seas and New Hyrule Thank you for a great childhood

  • i supose i am not the only one who is nistalgic for this game i getting ready to replay the game

  • in 2021, this is STILL the most beautiful game trailer I've ever seen. I can't wait to see BOTW2.

    • Me too

  • This is one of the best trailers ever made I swear to god

  • これはゲーム業界の歴史を動かした作品だと思う

  • This game destroy Cyberpunk, Red dead 2 or The witcher 3. A true masterpiece

  • 4 years ago already, huh? damn

  • I hope BOTW 2 will be released soon,Happy 35th Anniversary To The Legend of Zelda


  • Happy 35th birthday to The Legend of Zelda🤩

  • Yet people still complain about this game. 🙄