LITTLE NIGHTMARES II - Lost in Transmission Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Publisert 15. jan.. 2021
It's time to start training. Get ready for your journey to the Pale City when Little Nightmares II comes to Nintendo Switch on Feb. 11.
Download the demo on Nintendo eShop and pre-order today:
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  • I have so many questions for this game!!!

  • Am I the only one who bought the game for the switch and the rumble is kinda worse than the LN1's (in LN1 it was good and on point)all I'm saying is that the pro controller constantly makes a noise at almost with everything in the game. Plz if possible fix

  • I get they animate blood, but as far as I’m aware, it doesn’t LOOK like blood.

  • it's spooky month


  • So this is the first time I’m actually hearing and seeing about this game! I was told to start with the 1st one. Is this game really good???!!! It looks freaking awesome! And I LOVE creepy games! I’m a big Slient Hill fan. But I know this is different lol should I get it?!

    • Definitely play the first one. They are both great games.

  • Soooo.... I finished the game and I have to say, I did not see that ending coming up! 😳👀

  • I am never playing that.


  • This game I will be getting i do t care I just want in this stuff

  • I love Little nightmares 1, can't wait 😍

  • I can't wait to watch PewDiePie play this game.

  • Little Nightmares is soo horrific I love this series sm, I can't wait to play this 😔

  • its so cute when they hold each others hands

  • This comes out a day before 3D world on the switch and I have preordered both

  • Do do do do donnnn

  • Mario's tunnel of a doom Very Scary

  • damn

  • I love how there just this really creepy stuff on the screen then you see Mario. . . Freaking Horrifying

  • please poptropica on nintendo switch

  • The Demo is out!!!

  • OMG THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING also is this a multiplayer game?

  • I forced my dad to. Preorder this game

  • ME To


  • ehh blood and violance i saw exploding heads

  • Soo, Six is just going to eat all her problems away again?! 😆

  • I hope we get to see the Girl using her Powers. And see her munch on People

  • İts second best game first ist botw

  • I really like how Little Nightmares 2 feels more like "little nightmares". While Little Nightmares 1 does give you a sense of nostalgic nightmares while playing it (because the theme is mainly about a child against adults), Little Nightmares 2 here tackles what you'd consider childhood nighmares (scary teachers, bullies, moving mannequins, dark lonely woods, etc)

  • New donkey Kong???

  • Ah good, I was wondering when I could play as a cube Instead of a pyramid, the only needed change. Lmao what is this

    • Uhh, what? You can see that it isn't a cube or a pyramid, it's a child, did we watch the same trailer? also, have you even seen the first little nightmares?

  • I tried the demo on switch and ps4. A little frame rate issue at the guy with shotgun part on switch.

  • Dang too bad I already played it totally worth it

  • There's a limited edition "Little Nightmares" Switch coming out too!!

  • 0:28 OH THEY MADE IT TO LAND- oh and that's infested with monsters too, great

  • I am so hyped

  • Wow, that gave me chills,

  • ah yes, can't wait for New Super Lucky's Tale

  • Free demo switch now received Back tomorrow morning six bob mono nothing Will earth back channel live strong Demo coming to free match are real demo play for free

  • Video: Little Nightmares II NOlong: N e w S u p e r L u c k y ' s T a l e

  • This has nothing to do with this game but do any of you want Nintendo to revive amiibo? If so please like this so Nintendo might see it.

  • raincoat person:PREPARE FOR TROUBLE Bag person: AND MAKE IT DOUBLE

  • the switch handles the unreal engine like a champ, this looks identical to the PC version on first glance

  • I loved the first game, but damn it was way more stressful than scary.

  • Nintendo add a new update to super smash bros I want a new character

    • They just added a new character in December. It is roughly 3-4 months between each one, so dont expect the next one till sometime March/April.

  • No, NOlong. This isn't Super Lucky's Tale.

  • Looks great. Nice job team.


  • I am so glad that I already pre-ordered the game😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 0:35 when did they record my room...

  • As is customary for Nintendo on its explorer, oopps I mean switch, it will surely come out years after the other platforms.

  • i'm not complaining but you should be able to do multiple playthroughs being able to play as six or mono or any other characters who have appeared it should also be co-op : )

  • I saw H2O Delireose play this

  • I really like how in this one the music don't sound depressing

  • looks like Mono discover the midnight channel before Yu Narukami


  • Loved the first game, I can’t wait to play this.

  • I've been looking forward to this game for so long omg. Already got it pre-ordered and so excited!

  • Nintendo make a demo i had the fisrt one

  • Great trailer. What about gameplay? It tells us very little about it. Like an Abe's Oddysey of the present day? Or Luigi's mansion style gameplay?

  • Huh, ironically I watched the Completionist's review of the first game just a couple hours ago

  • Ah hold on this comes 1 day before the 3D World port is released

  • Looks like everything is coming to switch hope plants vs zombies is next

  • skeery

  • Kinda pissed that this trailer is 60fps I thought that’s what the game would run at. That’s very misleading... cause I played the Demo and it’s not 60fps.

  • The midnight channel looking kinda different these days


  • What the F*** is that!!!! ._.

  • Que ganas de jugarlo

  • This is the fifth time I have willingly seen this ad

  • I am so lost.. Did i miss anything?? That last thing i remember is the yellow coat girl having powers and killing them... And then gets out the boat? Did i miss anything??!!

  • Sorry I only have the number won it’s still cool tho

  • No lo pedi, pero lo necesitaba

  • So is this co op or?

  • Who already pre-ordered? ⬇️

  • This sound track is going to be amazing

  • Can’t find it to preorder it in the Eshop :/

  • To those who played the demo as well, does the game look slightly blurry to anyone else?


  • Played the demo, awesome design 👌

  • 1:17 is absolutely horrifying

  • Make Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury come out earlier


  • Please Nintendo I would love it

  • Already pre-ordered as an early birthday present to myself.

  • 1:15 0:07


  • That will be good if you can play on one joy coin and give another to friend

  • Any one rich who can buy me a switch please please I want to surprise my sis who has cancer and a Mario bros game Edited : me and my sis will be so grateful to that generous and kind hearted person I am 15 and my sis who has cancer is just 12 please please please

  • Is that six and seven

  • yas

  • The real question: Is that the actual graphics from the switch?

  • Make New Super Mario Bros 3 On Nintendo Switch And 15/3/2021

  • You can find the full demo gameplay on my channel, and many more games!

  • Since there’s another kid helping the boy can you make this game 2 players or put 2 player game mode because I want to play with my brother

  • Hyped for this game

  • I enjoy the first one I can't wait for this one

  • I had a heart attack looking at this