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Publisert 2. nov.. 2017
Nintendo Switch lets you play your favorite games, anytime, anywhere, and with anyone!
Make it a Nintendo Switch Holiday!
Check out these Nintendo Switch games that are Available Now!
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:
FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch:
Splatoon 2:
Super Mario Odyssey:
Pokkén Tournament DX:
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  • Zelda mario kart deluxe arms fifa 18 splatoon mario odyessy pokemone

  • Anyone notice they use the same splatoon match for all their trailers

  • When I was kid I watch ad :( Now I Miss :(

  • I love how chill Bowser is in this ad

  • Everyone loves this

  • I miss the old Nintendo commercials that had a lick of personality

  • 0:15 big bowser

  • Am I the only person who wants a best friend like bowser?

  • Nintendo: features games such as BOTW, MK8D, ARMS, FIFA 18, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, and Pokken. NOlong: This is New Super Lucky's Tale. Meme 2: Friend 1: (gets possessed) Friend 2: Wow! My friend just got possessed! That is so cool!

  • Remember when the switch was the best console for two years ah the memories to bat Ps5 swiped all there fame away.

  • Fbg真的假的

  • Anyone watching this

  • They always make these videos as if I have any friends to play with. Thanks for making me feel sad.

  • Make ppg for Nintendo switch

  • The forgetful mall distinctively mark because jute holly damage down a bent description. psychedelic, nutritious pot

  • llol niiiceeeeee

  • this commercial in a nutshell: people not giving a damn about things in games happening irl

  • 0:46 Plot Twist: The kid cracked the screen on the TV and the dad got the belt.

  • You can tell they didn't have many games back then because they put fifa in their video

  • This video has a bad word..........WHAT THE NINTENDO

  • Who is the dad actor I've been trying to figure it out

  • :(

  • Why can’t my family be like that


  • Got the switch. how much does it cost to buy the friends?

  • My Teacher Put This Video In My Online Classes

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  • N 🆙 8ll m mo 8n

  • I like how the beginning is just: "YEAH!!"

  • I dnt have any money 2 buy it

  • Nice 🤩💝 the video

  • Hhhhjhgzzz

  • Cool!!!!!!! Epic

  • I need a year like2017

  • Game in the description:New Super Lucky's Tale

  • I hope this is real

  • 0:30 Cursed Image

  • Only for noobs

  • i know why bowser hates mario bowser just wants to be playing with friends but mario has to steal the spot light and steal his friends

  • 1:21

  • Bowser, you know what they say. No backseat driving! Even when it is mario kart!

  • The amount of creativity in this is truly great

  • Porque no les reclaman a las tiendas de videojuegos en El Salvdor? Es que ellas tienen una Switch a 499$

  • I have a Nintendo switch

  • am i the only one that these type of commercials make me sad cuz none of my family play video games with me?

  • How to buy netendo in india

  • i wish i had friends

  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • My Fair es Super Mario Nintendo

  • Pls do a super mario kart make?

  • Bowseris such a cute character to me. Idk why he just seems so sweet!

  • I killed my mom

  • I tryed Invisible cat mario

  • King boo is my favorite

  • Why is bowser such a big legend

  • You dxzz a My B B m TV yes Or I 🔝 bd TV the two


  • 0:20 “OHHHHH BULLSHI-“

  • Now it would be ANIMAL CROSSING

  • Im having my switch in 2 weeks

  • I love the Nintendo Switch!

  • At first thing on this commercial I thought the daf will scold the son in playing games again.

  • That Thumbnail Tho

  • Bowser is such a cool guy!

  • Oh no

  • Aaaaaaaaqqaa@

  • Aa@aa

  • Nintendo like

  • these ads make me love Bowser so much lol

  • Why is that

  • I love this console

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  • Warning do not hit the soccer ball at the tv the tv will break so dont sue use -nintendo

  • What song is this?

  • I'm afraid that cappy will come out of your tv and posses you


  • pin me please and thank you Mario kart is in my life and i love that game

  • If only docking was that easy😔

  • 0:15 doug bowser is that you?!

  • Aêêêê3â


  • Good

  • Demasiado caro

  • *dad not included*

  • 0:52 The girl fall from sofa... ( hehe)

  • 0:22 Sad moment for boy... R.I.P. (2/11/2017-2/11/2017)

  • Can’t believe they made bowser climb in the back seat

  • なんかみんな人生楽しそう(笑)

  • ...

  • 0:14 that Bazzi model is slightly miniaturised..(the front part of his snout is around two feet wide and his nose is generally wider than your head, which it doesn't quite seem to be that big there..👀), what I wouldn't give to have him right next to my shoulder like that; I'd give him a nice hug under that big strong chin of his and a nice smooch right on that big snout (Would you smooch a Bazzi? [A] Heck yeah! [B] Heck yeah! [C] Heck yeah! [D] Heck yeah!) He really is a good boi (if you're nice to him) all he ever wanted was a friend, I just wish others would see it too so the poor boi wasn't so lonely all the time..🥺

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Dont have

  • Disclaimer Joycons can be broken while play with friends :v



  • que chido xd

  • 00:46 the man betrayed his tv

  • Bowser the hype man

  • I love mario oddsey

  • Don’t you just love it when Mario throws his hat at you out of the tv!

  • Como hizo FIFA 2018 para aparecer en el vídeo.